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Safety First On The Road

Being a commercial motor vehicle driver is a taxing job.

It requires long, hard hours of staying alert and focused along with coping with the physical toll.

That’s why it is vital to ensure that truck drivers are physically and mentally fit and equipped to perform optimally, and the chances of mishaps or lapse can be minimized.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Medical Examinations or DOT Physicals are designed and made compulsory for all drivers of commercial motor vehicles exactly for this purpose.

Components Of DOT Physicals

The DOT Physical will test various aspects of your physical health and medical history to provide a comprehensive overview.

These are the main components you will go through:


If you are a commercial motor vehicle driver, Federal Law requires you to pass the DOT Physical. Visit us at Christie Pinolini and have your DOT exam taken by a professional quickly and conveniently


Along with vision, a driver must have optimal hearing skills. This means you should be able to hear a “forced whisper” from 5 feet away. You can still take this test if you wear hearing aids.


A urinalysis will help determine if you have any medical irregularities or conditions you may be unaware of and can impact your performance on the road.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Long hours of driving require you to have a balanced pulse and pressure throughout. This part will check if you’re blood pressure remains stable for such durations.

Physical Examination

The physical exam also includes a checkup of general weight, height, breathing, muscles, joints, reflexes, speech, etc., - all of which should be healthy enough for you to drive commercially.

Specially Trained Staff For DOT Physical

At Christie Pilonili, our staff fully understands the regulations and requirements of DOT Physicals.

We’ll ensure you do not miss out on being approved incorrectly or through a technicality.

Once you clear the tests, you’ll receive a certification valid for 3 months to 2 years, depending on your health.