5 Main Benefits of Telemedicine

In today’s digitally advanced world, is it still necessary to go see a doctor every time you have a query?

Not at all!

Telemedicine is redefining healthcare for good.

Well, what is telemedicine?

It is the ability of healthcare providers to consult with their patients by phone or video call.

Yes, it has kind of been around since telephones were first introduced, but after COVID, telemedicine has become a very convenient alternative to physical checkups.

Following are the five main benefits of telemedicine:

1.   Ease Of Use

There’s no denying that convenience is one of the biggest pros of telemedicine.

Virtual calls eliminate the need for you to drive to the doctor’s office or wait (sometimes for hours on end) for your turn.

You’ll find it incredibly convenient if you have a hectic schedule to consult your doctor practically anywhere – as long as you can spare a few minutes and find a quiet space.

Hence, it saves you the hassle of disrupting your routine and taking time off work.

2.   Cost-Effectiveness

Let’s face it: gas isn’t cheap these days, and so isn’t public transportation or parking.

However, with telemedicine, you don’t have to worry about traveling several miles to visit your doctor or missing your appointment due to traffic and going through the entire fiasco again.

Moreover, even for those with decent health insurance, seeing doctors and therapists in-person can be prohibitively expensive.

Telemedicine solves this problem to a huge extent since virtual calls typically cost less than in-person visits, removing a financial barrier to crucial healthcare.

3.   Increased Access

It’s no secret that many hospitals, particularly in rural areas, are experiencing a shortage of doctors and healthcare providers.

Offering telemedicine services to these underdeveloped areas increases access to timely and cost-effective healthcare while avoiding overcrowding in limited hospitals.

4.   Infectious Disease Control

Doctors can use telemedicine consultations to prescreen patients for probable infectious diseases to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, monkeypox, flu, and other contagious diseases.

It also eliminates the need for unwell people to visit the office.

Everyone benefits from less exposure to other people’s germs, particularly those who are chronically sick, pregnant, senior citizens, or immunocompromised.

5.   Improved Patient Care

Telemedicine provides patient-centered benefits such as on-time treatment.

This is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care, especially when real-time urgent care is key to recovery rates for patients.

Moreover, many physicians prefer seeing patients in their comfort zone to assess their physical surroundings and mental well-being better.

For example, a therapist can pick up on many subtle cues by getting a sneak peek into how the patient lives. Alternatively, an allergist may identify triggers that can massively alleviate the patient’s symptoms upon removal.


Telemedicine is bridging the gap between patients and doctors more than ever before.

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