MAT Opioid Treatment & Its Benefits

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America is facing a devastating opioid crisis. Families, partners, and individuals across the country are experiencing the impact this challenging addiction can have. At Christie Care, we have a wealth of experience in helping patients with their relationship to opioids.

One of our most effective tools against the crisis is MAT – medication-assisted treatment. If you’ve heard of MAT before and are unsure, this page is definitely for you. Over the past several decades, a number of misconceptions have been spread regarding MAT and its safety.

In this post, we’ll outline why a medically assisted program is the best choice for more people than you might expect. Read on to learn more.

What is MAT Opioid Treatment?

If you’ve been searching for ‘opioid addiction treatment center near me,’ chances are you’ve heard of MAT before.

Medication-assisted treatments involve patients taking a closely regulated and controlled drug, such as suboxone, to help them in their transition away from opioids. Each patient is given their own plan and follows a set of supervised steps to help them in their recovery.

Some patients gradually wean off their medication. For others, MAT is a lifelong journey to recovery.

MAT has been clinically proven to be effective in the fight against opioid addiction. You’ll be prescribed an FDA approved medication that will help you fight off your cravings and focus on rebuilding a happy, healthy, sustainable future.

Key MAT Benefits

Following are some of the main benefits of MAT:

  • Clinically proven to be effective against opioid addiction
  • Safe, closely monitored programs with suitable doses
  • FDA approved medications
  • Tailored to each patient
  • Gives patients space to focus on rebuilding their lives

Common MAT Myths

Addiction is far from the only enemy in the fight against opioid use disorder.

Misinformation and fear-mongering also add fuel to the fire. In this section, we’ll run through some of the most common myths surrounding MAT and its effectiveness.

If you’re unsure about MAT treatment, we strongly advise that you read the points below.

You’re Not ‘Clean’ if You’re on Suboxone

This is a dangerous misconception that we encounter a lot at Christie Care. Some people believe that as long as you’re on a MAT drug such as suboxone, you’re never really ‘clean’. The reality is that suboxone and its side effects are far more predictable and often less volatile than opioid misuse. It’s the difference between a ‘drug’ and a medication.

With the right MAT program, you’ll be able to gradually move towards the life you want. With your cravings managed, you’ll be able to tackle your addiction head-on and gradually reduce your daily doses.

A life on suboxone is much ‘cleaner’ than a life of substance abuse.

An Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Can’t Get Your Life Back on Track

This mindset can cause a whole host of problems during treatment. Some patients enter a MAT program never truly believing that it can help them. If this sounds like you, it’s important to understand that a positive mindset is one of your many tools against substance misuse.

Medication-assisted treatments have the science on their side; they’re clinically proven to improve patient outcomes and reduce in-hospital detoxifications. With MAT, you’ll have your addiction under control. You’ll be able to start earning and will have more time and energy to focus on the root cause of your addiction.

For many, many people, MAT just works – it’s as simple as that.

MAT Drugs Aren’t Safe

So how is replacing one drug with another an improvement? For many reasons. For starters, your MAT drug will be prescribed to you after a thorough consultation with a trained medical professional.

You’ll be given an appropriate medication and dosage that’s been tailored to your situation. Your opioid addiction treatment plan will be built with your safety in mind. With regular check-ups and monitoring, your health will also be much more effectively regulated.

MAT drugs have been approved by the FDA as being both safe and effective for the treatment of opioid addiction. When you choose Christie Care, you’re choosing a team that’s fully committed to keeping you safe, healthy, and happy.

MAT Opioid Program Florida – Get In Touch

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid misuse, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

We treat opioid addiction but can also help you tackle other issues and concerns at no extra charge.

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