Things to Know Before Getting a Botox Treatment

Does it feel like no matter what you try aging wrinkles and deep frown lines never seem to go away?

Or have you finally decided to opt for Botox treatment but aren’t sure what to expect from the procedure?

Here’s a quick guide to help you out before your Botox treatment.

Let’s get started.

Schedule a Consultation

First, you must decide whether you even need a Botox treatment or not.

Hence, schedule an appointment with a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

A surgeon will observe your expressions and facial movements by asking you to smile, frown, or raise your eyebrows –helping them understand your facial structure.

Secondly, the surgeon will conduct a thorough health assessment to learn about any medications usage or allergies that can conflict with the Botox treatment. If you take any supplements and anti-inflammatory medicines, it increases the chances of bleeding and bruising.


Botox exists in a liquid form, which means it can travel to unintended places in the body if you are not careful.

Therefore, here are some precautionary measures to practice after the treatment.

·      Save Your Workout

Exercise can instantly raise blood pressure, causing swelling in the injected Botox areas. Hence, doctors recommend avoiding working out for at least a day after the treatment.

·      Stay Upright

Since the Botox can spread to other various muscles and cause sagging, it’s recommended to avoid bending over and lying down.

·      Avoid Makeup

Usually, your doctor will remove makeup with an alcohol pad. But you must prevent applying it for a day after the treatment since it can interact with the injected sites and cause redness and discomfort.

·      Visit your Doctor After a Week

All muscles aren’t equal, and one side may be stronger than the other, with the weak side requiring more treatment. Hence, it’s better to check for a touchup treatment after a week.

Expect Bruising

Botox treatment involves a fine needle penetrating your skin’s surface.

Sometimes, the needle may hit a blood vessel, causing a deep bruise, usually identified with mild redness, or swelling.

But you don’t need to worry.

After applying ice, it can fade away quickly, or if it doesn’t, your doctor can use a laser to break it down.

Pro Tip: Don’t drink wine a week before treatment since it heightens bruising risks.

Doesn’t Last Forever

Botox is a preventive treatment, relaxing and restraining your muscle from moving around, ultimately preventing lines and wrinkles.

Although you get the brightening results within a week, the Botox effect doesn’t remain forever.

Probably, it will last anywhere ranging from three to six months, with four being the average. Plus, if you work out regularly, the results may fade away slightly before three months.

However, the duration also depends upon the Botox quality, units, and the practitioner’s skill.

Remain Youthful!

You sure want to maintain your youthful glow and look as well as feel great, don’t you?

Then get in touch with Christie Care and avail safe and effective Botox treatment services.

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