How to Prepare for the DOT Physical?

Driving is a complex task – one that requires awareness, responsibility, and practice.

Unsurprisingly, driving heavy commercial vehicles requires licenses and tougher tests; the Department of Transport’s (DOT) physical test is one such rigorous examination.

DOT physical test is known to give many drivers a cold sweat.

But don’t worry. You can prepare for your DOT physical test and have a thriving commercial driving career by following these seven tips:

1.   Perform Breathing Exercises

While the test is primarily physical, its components ensure you are mentally sound too. Thus, stress can have a tangible impact on your DOT physical exam.

When you find yourself worrying about the test, perform a few deep breathing exercises and remind yourself that it is okay to feel nervous.

2.   Avoid Caffeine

Not only will caffeine and tobacco affect your sleep before the DOT physical, but caffeine, tobacco, energy drinks, and alcohol could increase your blood pressure significantly.

If you have a preexisting medical condition, consuming caffeine and other products could lead to disastrous DOT physical test results.

Thus, the choice is yours: a cup of morning coffee or a commercial driver’s license!

3.   Bring Medical Records

A person is not expected to have an elite fitness level to pass the DOT physical; however, being in good shape helps.

Yet, what if you have some medical condition that can affect your driving?

In that case, collect all your recent medical records, medications, and the CPAP machine. Being diagnosed with an illness is not sufficient ground for disqualification.

Therefore, share all the medical data and present a holistic view of your health so you can be guided accordingly.

4.   Have Plenty of Sleep

The effects of sleep deprivation are similar to the effects of being drunk. So, to avoid any drunk driving tickets and pass your DOT physical, ensure you get sufficient sleep the night before.

Anywhere between 7-9 hours is a good amount of sleep for an adult.

5.   Use Prescription Glasses & Aid

DOT physical has a component that tests your vision and hearing.

So, if you have been prescribed glasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids, it is best to bring them.

6.   Drink Water

You need adequate hydration to perform well in the DOT Physical.

But there’s another important reason you need sufficient water in your system.

You will be asked to provide a urine sample to test for diabetes, high blood protein, and any undetected illness.

7.   Avoid Unhealthy Food

Foods high in salt increase blood pressure, and foods containing sugar increase blood-glucose levels.

Thus, avoid greasy and sugary foods to reduce the chance of any red flag showing up in a DOT physical.

Parting Thoughts

So, here was a quick rundown of how to prepare yourself for the DOT Physical.

If you are nervous about the test or require professional guidance, get in touch with Christie Care.

We provide holistic wellness plans and personalized guidelines for you to follow that guarantee success in the DOT physical!

Schedule your consultation today!

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